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Auto Open and Close Hinge

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Auto Open and Close Hinge


Latch , It's mounted inside of Refrigerator.
Auto closing Hinge and Auto Open Hinge, It is also one of the parts in Refrigerator. and It is consist of spring, cam, silicone oil. those are main mechanism and important to adjust operation. it is equipped in the Main door or Door in door and after that join with Refrigerator. The benefits of this hinge are available to control the Open and close speed. It helps to easily open and close the door. no need to pull and push the door. so that it can protect Door and loaded things from the impacts and vibrations.


>> Auto Open Hinge│Function

It equipped inside of refrigerator door to help the door open automatically. When customer open a door , they don’t need to pull the door by hand, Just press the edge of a door, the door open automatically to angle as they want. The mechanism is classified between the spring Torsion power (open power) and a friction brake (deceleration control).

>> Auto Close Hinge│Function

The Auto close Hinges are key components in the refrigerator It equipped with door of Refrigerator to help doors close automatically at the 45º by the application of a little push power. Especially Auto close Damping Hinge was added Oil Damping so that it will more smoother and luxury-looking than Auto close Semi Hinge. This Auto close Hinge make good use To move with this 28kg heavy door So that Child, the old and the general people can use the door easily.


>> Auto Open Hinge│Specification

Door Weight

10kg (890 x 540 x 26mm)


Spring + Friction

Module Size

18 x 18 x 53mm

Open Angle

100 degree

Open Time



100,000 cycle

>> Auto Open Hinge│Specification


Auto Close Hinge (Semi)

Auto Close Hinge (Damping)


Spring + Cam

Spring + Cam + Oil

Door Weight

28.0 ± 5kg

28.0 ± 5kg


27.5 x 74.5 x 88.5

27.5 x 24.5 x 163.5

Auto Close Starting Angle

45 ± 5 degree

45 ± 5 degree

Closing Time

1.0 ± 0.5 sec

2.0 ± 0.5 sec


100,000 cycle

100,000 cycle

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